Reviews and Endorsements

How refreshing it is for voters in this year of Mitt Romney to have a voice that is both Mormon and libertarian. Here is that voice: Clear, compelling, full of faith, and understanding the need for limited government. Connor Boyack’s Latter-day Responsibility should be on Gov. Romney’s desk and the Governor should read it for its extraordinary explanation of the shared values of Christianity, Mormonism, and personal freedom. This book will open your eyes to a well-spring of western religious values which recognize the primacy of the individual over the state and insist that the government do the same.

Many patriotic Americans demand a more limited government, but few seem to have figured out the path to reach that goal. Connor Boyack's important book explains in simple and compelling terms that limited government and liberty will be obtained through personal responsibility. The duty to take care of ourselves and those around us must be lived, encouraged, and popularized if we are to create a free society. Latter-day Responsibility helps pave the way for a restoration of this primary virtue.

America's responsibility deficit is a more pressing challenge than anything we face in the economy, energy, education, or defense. Citizens must renew an individual ethic of doing the right thing by choice. People of faith, including my Mormon friends, understand this—but we need a sense of urgency and an action plan. Connor Boyack's wise, timely, and practical book provides exactly that.

Connor Boyack makes a compelling case for a return to personal responsibility as the bedrock principle needed to maintain the best virtues of our society. In this highly readable and informative book, he explains why our desire for preserving freedom will not become a reality until we first emphasize the importance of personal responsibility. We will secure freedom for future generations, Boyack writes, by first taking care of ourselves and those around us—a forgotten virtue that once permeated our culture. The battle for keeping our freedom alive and vibrant will not be won in the halls of Congress, he claims, but in the hearts and homes of every individual. Boyack’s new book speaks to the heart of those who respect the role a spiritual perspective towards preserving freedom plays.